Our Solutions & Services are all based on Open Source and Linux Technology

With technical people who have been actively involved in the Linux community since early 1994, QSR brings to its clients valuable years of experience in deploying high-end and mission- critical Linux solutions. From entry level clones to multi-processor/multi-core branded servers, to networked, highly available computing clusters, QSR can provide the necessary expertise needed in the design and management of secure and efficient IT infrastructure that will support established business objectives.
Ian Sison, CEO
Supporting and servicing primarily high-end solutions, QSR focuses its extensive experience on handling the complex and highly technical deployments of Linux systems.

Minimize down time and consolidate your IT Resources with Linux Virtualization and High Availability

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Outsourced Documentation Services

We provide authoring of user, operator, and technical manuals for applications or products; documentation of company business processes, handbooks/manuals; and proofreading, editing and updating existing manuals. We also take existing documentation and align it with established standards. {more}

Professional Staffing Services

We assist enterprises in acquiring in-house competency by providing professionals that have the necessary expertise to implement their existing solutions. Backed by technologists, we are in a unique position to assess, qualify and match requirements of clients with their existing pool of candidates. {more}

Managed IT Services

We utilize approved processes and procedures that we have researched and developed for all aspects of our Managed (Outsourced) IT support services operation to ensure consistent quality and efficient trouble resolution. Our team handles everything from operating popular desktop applications to troubleshooting complex computer software and hardware problems. {more}

Open Source Solutions for Business

Our core competency goes beyond the 'Linux Box'. We develop, configure, deploy, support and maintain vertical applications that are likewise open sourced. These include software capable of bringing your enterprise online, without spending the mega bucks for commercial software. {more}
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