Open Source Solutions for Business

Supporting and servicing primarily high-end solutions, focuses its extensive experience on handling the complex and highly technical deployments of Linux systems, good examples of which follow:
Keep Calm and Switch to Lunux

Drop in replacements to Traditional Commercial Systems

>> Tired of the "Every move you make, you must pay us license fees" culture? Linux offers the possibility of equivalent or more functionality as opposed to user-limited and feature-limited commercial systems.

IP Route 2

A Firewall, Router, and Traffic Shaper

>> Linux server configured to act as a corporate firewall, router and Internet gateway, or a high-end Multi-port router complete with VPN access, bandwidth control and network monitoring software. Firewalling functionality is built into the Linux kernel and enabled via the netfilter applications.
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Asterisk logo

SMS Gateway

>> a Linux server running the Kannel or Asterisk Open Source Applications, and used to power various customized SMS communication requirements. Integrating this with an SQL database system gives one the power of enabling fully functional and complex applications over a cellular phone network.
Squid Now

Internet Proxy Server, and more

>> an Internet proxy service with features tailor-fitted for the corporate environment: proxy- authentication, usage monitoring, and porn- and profanity-blocking and usage-reporting features.

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Fully-featured Email Services

>> Email servers on steroids. Major functions not only include the basic protocols, but include SPAM and virus filtering, and web-based email access thrown in. The system is designed to support high-volume mail processing, the efficiency of which actually provides for the service offerings of large ISPs.

Highly available network services

>> Never let your online service go down. Share any online computing load with multiple inexpensive servers, controlled by a highly available service redirector.

high availability

Virtual Private Networking

>> Securely interconnect remote offices to a central node via the internet, and make it seem like they are just next door.
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Diskless Thin Client Networking

>> Providing a low-cost interoperability network computing environment that uses the Linux Terminal Server Project concept where administration, control, security and maintenance is done on the server rather than from the individual workstations; reutilizing old PCs or by using specialized diskless thin clients.

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Server Virtualization

>> Consolidate all your individual servers into containers or virtualized hardware with Linux. Integrating Virtualization and Linux High Availability, one can minimize power and maintenance costs while adding redundancy to all of your consolidated resources.
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Open Source Powered IP-PABX

>> A PABX powered by VOIP Technology that runs on a Linux Server. Create, Replace or Upgrade your Corporate or Call Center Telephony with technology that is open, free and open source with no vendor lock-in.

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