What is the Senior Leaders Lab?

The Senior Leader Lab is a transformative coaching program specifically created for educators using the Design Thinking process. The workshop will help them cope with the issues of abruptly changing their school learning culture that complements the new normal. It will help them transform their respected schools and districts to be adaptive and iterative in its response to the pandemic and establish mechanisms for remote learning that is suited to their needs.

What's in it for the participants?

  • Develop leaders to be more adaptive to change and instill a culture of innovation.

  • Transform schools to have the ability to conduct remote learning modalities.

  • Create an action plan to be implemented in their own schools and districts.

The selected participants will undergo a 6-week Design Thinking synchronous sessions and asynchronous activities designed to understand their own challenges, frame opportunities, generate and refine ideas, experiment and track the transformation to move forward.

The cohort will have the opportunity to learn from each other, collaborate, inspire and share as they take the journey together and create a network of support from the Senior Leaders community.

Who are the Senior Leaders?

Senior Leaders are:

Outstanding administrators and educators with a passion for using innovative technologies and approaches to improve teaching and learning.

Creative leaders who understand opportunities and challenges and have a desire to help empower others in their local school community, district and beyond.

Ambassadors for change who model high expectations, life-long learning, collaboration, equity, and innovation.