Deployment Services


We offer a wide variety of services for schools and universities depending on the need and technical capacity of your organization.

✓ Deployment ­ This is perfect for schools which do not have an IT department. Allow us to help you in setting up Google Apps for Education for your school.

✓ How to deploy training? ­ This is ideal for schools with an IT department and wants to do the deployment on their own. We will teach you the general process on how you can set­up Google Apps for Education for your school.

✓ Google Admin Console Training ­ If you have Google Apps already but are not able to maximize its feature, this 2­day training is for you. Our Google Certified Administrator will train you on how to navigate around the Google Admin Console.

✓ Be a Google Certified Administrator Review ­ If you have been managing the Google Admin Console for more than six months then we highly recommend for you to be certified! We are conducting review sessions where you will get a feel on what the exam is like and prepare for it better.

Google Certified Administrator



With our team of Google Certified Trainers, we will train your teachers on how to use Google Apps for Education and how it could be used in the classroom. We have a list of courses for you to choose from depending on the existing skillset and needs of teachers in your school.



Google for Education manages 3 different certification programs to meet the professional development needs of the school community. With this in mind, we are helping teachers prepare for this certification with our review courses and we are also selling certificate vouchers for teachers who do not have a credit card and for schools which are planning to buy certificate vouchers in bulk.