Training Services


Whether you're new to Google Apps or an expert already, we have a training for you! Below is a list of training packages we offer for individuals and schools.

Package Name Basic Package Do More Package Be Certified Package Tech / IT Admin Course Create Your Own Course
Class Size 30 30 30 30 30
Package Audience For schools new to GAFE For existing GAFE users who wants to do more For existing

GAFE users who wants to certify their teachers

For Tech / IT Admins using Google Apps but wants to be certified Not finding a package you want? Create your own and choose from the list of our course offerings.
Training Offered Google Classroom Overview (For Teachers) GAFE + Google Classroom Workshop (For Teachers) Review of GCE Level 1 (For Teachers) GAFE Admin Console Workshop Choose any 2 of courses and we will provide you with our price per person quote
Meanwhile, below are the training courses we offer.

Google Classroom Training

Google Classroom Training
Google Classroom Overview
­ This is a 4­-hour overview session to introduce you to the learning management system of Google ­ Classroom.

Google Classroom Workshop ­ This is a 1­-day workshop that allows you to learn and experience Google Classroom with demo, group activities, and hands-­on exercises. By the end of the day, you should be comfortable in using Google Classroom on a day­-to-­day basis.

Google Apps for Education Training

Google for Education Overview ­ This is a 4­-hour introduction lecture to introduce Google for Education and the platform, devices, and content that it includes.

Google Apps for Education Workshop ­ This is a 2­day that includes demo, group activities, and hands-­on exercises that will allow teachers to learn about each application with enough time to practice how each app can be used inside the classroom.

App Focus Training ­ We have designed four unique training session for each application. This is ideal for teachers who wants to focus on learning a specific application.

  • Focus on Messaging Apps Training (Gmail and Hangouts)
  • Focus on Calendar
  • Focus on Collaboration (Drive, Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Forms)
  • Focus on Sites

Devices Training

Google Devices TrainingGoogle Chromebook Training ­ This is a 2­-day hands-­on training on how to use and navigate Google Apps using a Google Chromebook.

GAFE on Mobile ­ This is a 1­-day training on how to use Google Apps for Education in the classroom using a mobile device (Android and iOS). Google Play for Education will also be explored during this session.



Google for Education manages 3 different certification programs to meet the professional development needs of the school community. With this in mind, we are helping teachers prepare for this certification with our review courses and we are also selling certificate vouchers for teachers who do not have a credit card and for schools which are planning to buy certificate vouchers in bulk.



We can help set-up Google Apps for Education for your school and university.