Outsourced Documentation Services

Documentation: Users require it. Clients insist on it.

If user documentation was not required by users and clients, developers would probably prefer to skip this. After all, it remains one of the harder components of a project to estimate, and is typically one of the last priorities in a development project.

But in order to have projects signed off, enduser documentation is essential. Users and organizations insist on their systems being documented, so that their users will have references they can use, and will have a basis for any training they may go through.

Users depend on their documentation to familiarize themselves with how to use their systems: Their user manuals and references are their fallback to resolve questions on usage or to provide a checklist if what they are doing is correct and complete.


Authoring of user, operator, and technical manuals for applications or products.
Documentation of company business processes, handbooks/manuals.
Proofreading, editing and updating existing manuals.
Aligning existing documentation with established standards.

How we do documentation

Formal Methodology for Scoping

Based on a count of document artifacts (menus, screen elements, individual work flows/processes, distinct processes, policies, entities, etc.).

Formal 7-Step Customer Engagement Model

(1) Initial Scoping; (2) Scoping the Project; (3) Get the Green Light; (4) Project Kick-off; (5) Wordsmithing; (6) Recursive Review and Sign-off; (7) Turnover

Three-Document Formats

  • ISO STD version 2.8F
  • Top-­Down Process Workflow Style
  • Customer-­Specified

What's in it for you?

☑ You get to focus on your project
☑ Your timelines are more accurate
☑ Your resources are not over extended
☑ Documents get updated and extended faster
☑ More consistent formatting and layout makes your documentation easier to read and absorb
☑ Standards-based documents make for easier acceptance by Q/A and Audit
☑ You get realistic and professional projections for your documentation requirements

For documentation services, we believe we are your ideal partner.

We are offering our services under a consultancy basis to help you produce your documentation. This has the value of having a non-organic "temp" provide dedicated documentation work of a predictable quality and a unified look/form/standard at the fraction of the cost of in-house documentation. Also, after the work, you will not have continuous, running costs.

In an IT project, or in a business process project, the in­-house cost of documentation work is 5­10% of the cost of a small project, or 10­15% for larger ones. If this can be reduced, our services can provide quite substantial savings.

We’d be pleased to discuss with you your documentation needs to see how we can help.
Contact us anytime.

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